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7 Ways To Kick The Blues

Can I be real with you? This morning when my alarm went off I felt so tired that I thought I was dreaming. Lucy Claire (who’s 10) actually volunteered to ride the bus. She got up on her own, packed her own lunch and got on the bus. I guess it’s proof that miracles do happen! I went back to sleep without hesitation and slept another solid hour, and guess what…I don’t even feel bad about it.

I got up because I had places to go and things to do, but I didn’t want to. I got dressed and put on makeup, but I still felt BLAH.


I’m pretty sure that “BLAH” is a universal term, but just in case you aren’t familiar…it means ho-hum, down in the dumps, not excited or full of joy.


Maybe I felt BLAH because I’m tired, maybe it’s because Woody and I had a discussion about something before I left the house and I didn’t like the outcome…maybe it’s because it’s dreary and wet outside or because my jeans had just come out of the dryer and I had to do gymnastics to get them on. Whatever the reason, I know that it’s normal. I know that I am not clinically depressed (that’s an entirely different situation and not at all what I’m referring to in this post) and I am genuinely in a GOOD PLACE in my life. Believe me, I know what a bad place feels like and thankfully I’m not there.

A BLAH day every now and then doesn’t mean that you have lost your faith. Everyone has bad days, even Christians. We live in a real world with a real devil that is always seeking to steal our joy. The days I’m referring to are the ones where we need a little extra push, a little extra grace, and a little extra encouragement…FROM OURSELVES! If you are relying on your mate, your mom or your BFF to always give you that boost, one day it’s going to come back and bite ya in the tail. One day they aren’t going to have the right words or the right attitude, one day they may not answer the phone, and you’re gonna need to do it all by yourself.

Women deal with a lot of pressure. The pressure to do and BE all the things, all the time. Then, when we fall short, we beat ourselves up. That’s why I like to be transparent and show the world (or at least the small part of it that reads my blog or follows me on social media) that there’s no such thing as “having it all together.” We’re all going to have those days. The key is: knowing what to do to get past them.

Usually I’m feeling better after doing just a few of these things, but I’m going to share an entire list with you, and next time you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, try a few of them out before you fall down the well of self pity and despair. It’s a dark and lonely place down there.

The first important factor to getting past a bad day (which can easily be turned into moments instead) is being honest and self-aware. I recognized as soon as I woke up today that I needed to do something to avoid having a bad day.

Next, I need to shift the atmosphere. This means, turn on some worship music or happy music. Turn on a podcast even if you are moving about and not entirely focused on listening. Walking around with silent thoughts on BLAH days usually isn’t helpful.

Now, feed your soul. I recommend a short devotional that guides you to a scripture and through a prayer. This stirs your faith and reminds you that God is able, that YOU are able!

Paint your barn! (AKA: look your best) It’s so easy on BLAH days, to skip this step because we don’t FEEL like it. But looking good = feeling better 100% of the time. Don’t give into the temptation to wear your hubby’s sweats and leave the house with greasy hair, because that is only going to elevate the ho-hum feeling. Guaranteed.

If at all possible, Change your location. Get out! Do something! You can ask Lucy Claire about this, but when she is sad or upset about something, I always tell her we’re going for a walk. There’s a million reasons why this helps. Do the research, or just try it. I promise, it works every time.

Check something off your list. I know. Who really wants to be productive when you aren’t feeling productive? BUT, sometimes, we have to put actions in motion to feel the emotion. Make that phone call, do that random thing you’ve been procrastinating. Even the smallest form of productivity can really change your mindset for the better!

Share some kindness. You don’t have to do something huge to gain big results. Paying it forward on a bad day is like sowing a seed into your future. It’s amazing how thinking about someone else helps us to re-focus and get back on the right track. Bake cookies for a neighbor, pay for someone else’s food at the drive through, visit a grandparent or elderly friend. Helping others always brings the warm fuzzies, even on rainy, dreary days.


Yesterday, Lucy Claire was telling me about something happening that she didn’t like. I asked her what she had done differently to see change in that situation. Her answer: Nothing. The hard reality is, to see change in our life, we have to do something different.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you do to change your mood on a bad day?

XO, Laura


Laura Kaminer is a digital creator and Southern Lifestyle Blogger. She is known for sharing real life stories that make her a relatable resource to other women trying to get past the comparison mindset. When she isn’t “spilling the tea” on life with other women, you can find her sharing life hacks and recipes on Pinterest, or promoting Shapewear for women with real bodies.

Laura is a forty-something mom of 4 and resides in Augusta, Georgia with her husband and two youngest children.

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